The Return of Rutledge
By Nikki Scott | 04 Feb 2014

Last years’ FIM Women’s Motocross World Championship runner-up Meghan Rutledge has re-signed with Bud Racing Kawasaki and will be back this year for the full WMX series. Upon hearing this fantastic news, we got in touch with the bubbly Australian to listen in on her plans for this season only to find out she broke her ankle a couple days later.

Despite taking a devastating blow to her world championship preparation, Rutledge – also known as ‘Mad Meg’ – is keeping her head held high and her eyes on the prize. “Unfortunately I had a minor set back in my preparation on Thursday, when I fractured my ankle. I am lucky to have the support of a great medical team who devised a management plan to ensure I will be fit and ready for the first round of the WMX championship in Qatar,” she concluded.

So Meg, you will be back on-board with Bud Racing Kawasaki. How did that deal come about?

I started talking to them last year when I was riding with them. So I was really happy when they got back to me a few weeks ago to say they could offer some support. After riding for Bud Racing Kawasaki last year, I couldn't think of a better team to be involved with.

Will you be flying back and forth from Europe to Australia or are you planning to base in Europe?

Yes, I will fly home after every round, as I need to work to help finance my travels to Europe. I will also be racing the MX2 class in the Australian MX Nationals.

It’s amazing you are working as well as training. What do you do for work?

I'm a lifeguard at the local leisure center. Recently I have been working five to seven days a week so I can afford to race in Europe. If I wasn't working I wouldn't be able to race.

What is your favorite thing about racing the WMX series in Europe?

My favorite thing about racing this series is the competition and the tracks. The tracks in Europe are amazing.

What’s the most difficult thing about racing in Europe?

Last year the most difficult thing was the different languages. This year I think the most difficult thing is going to be racing without dad and mum being there as we have always been a great team. However, at the moment my biggest worry is transport in Europe. Because I'm only eighteen it’s almost impossible to hire a vehicle. So at this stage I'm not sure how I will be getting from the airports to the track.

What kind of training are you doing at the moment to prepare?

Well it's very dry in Australia at the moment so it's hard to find a good track to ride on, so I'm in the gym every day and just riding whenever I can.

What are your goals for this season?

After getting second last year I guess there is only one goal to have and that's to do better than last year. So my goal is to become the 2014 Women's World Champion.

Thanks Meg, good-luck for this season and we wish you a speedy recovery with your foot.


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